Black Boy Free, vol. 2


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released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved



A London based musician, Pierrot was born and bred in northern Italy and moved to London in 2012 where he quickly became immersed in the music scene. Having toured the UK and the world as a backing vocalist, he began his own solo music project that recently culminated with the release of his debut album "Black Boy Free vol 1 & 2". His sonorities range from jazz, soul, reggae and electronica ... more

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Track Name: M. B. (demo)
Picture me on top of the world
We were born without any fear to fly
Now paint me as I walk on my own
In this lonely city of mine
We were Icarus
We were fearless creatures
And Dedalus couldn't hold us down
It's late I won't be needed here until nine
Pray my God that I will be fine
Not the one they call out to party
Powell drink with or without me,
no biggie
Don't believe them, pay them no thoughts
I'll be first in line when it'll come
Bet you no one and nobody will see it coming
I'll show you I'm more than what my mother say
Whatever happened to my day?
Let it find its way back to me
Clinging to the dream
Clinging till I bleed
Holding near the promise I made myself so
Don't leave me on the floor
And let this overdose
Stone me till I hold anymore
One too many one becomes twenty
Trying so hard but words seem to fail me
I do believe that we were meant to be something
So look at me, remind me when we
When I was Icarus
Just a fearless creature
And Dedalus could never hold us down
Whatever happened to my day?
Now I know this has to be mine
Track Name: Curtain Calls
To you I was a friend
Love is a losing game
Got so many bits to mend
Love is a losing game
How I wish I never played
Oh how I wish we never met
Cuz for you I'm just a friend
Love is a losing game
Martin made it worse
Love is a losing game
Orville wanted more
Love is a losing game
Carlo just didn't know
It's you I adore
Through my most grievous faults
Love is a losing game
Nothing more to say
Love is a losing game
Love you either way
Love is a losing game
You hateful fiend
Of my idolatry
From now until the end
Love is a losing game